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Welcome to Ashara

Composed of four large landmasses, and several smaller ones, the continent of Ashara is a land of excitement and discovery. The four kingdoms of Ashara – Andoria, Pelira, Hash-I’sah, and Vecora – have maintained an uneasy peace for the past decade. It is in Andoria that you will make a name for yourself, crafting your destiny from the discovery of lost treasures and the bodies of your foes.

For this campaign, expect a bit of everything… Some sessions will involve more traditional dungeon-crawls, while others may be more based on intrigue and dialogue. In a general sense, I’m interested in seeing how your characters develop over the course of the campaign, starting as level 1 nobodies and eventually gaining epic fame (and potentially 30th level ;) ). Once I’ve gotten the hang of DMing again (I figure it might take a session or two) you can certainly expect there to be a more complex plot arc, tying your various adventures together and allowing you to affect the world.

In the meantime, go ahead and check out the Getting Started page to see what you need to do to get ready for the first session.

Campaign overland with nation names

In the Pursuit of Greatness